Lessons and Classes

Individual Piano Lessons

Students learn to read music while developing piano technique and musicianship skills. All levels, beginning to advanced. Ages 5 and up. 

Individual Voice Lessons

Students develop healthy and sustainable singing technique while learning a variety of songs. Music reading and musicianship skills are included. All levels, beginning to advanced. Ages 6 and up. 

Music Class for Young Beginners (ages 3-5)

Introduction to music for young children featuring kid-friendly songs and games to teach the basics of music theory and note reading. This class prepares students for further study in private or group lessons. Three to six students per class.

Beginning Singing Classes for Kids and Teens

Students learn healthy voice technique while singing age-appropriate songs that they enjoy. Moveable Do solfege helps students develop music reading skills and sing more accurately. Three to eight students per class, grouped by age. 

Intermediate Singing Class (coming soon)

Advancing students continue to develop healthy singing techniques while learning a variety of music and strengthening their understanding of music theory. 

Beginning Voice for Adults (coming soon)

Adult beginners can feel comfortable exploring and developing their singing voices in this relaxed and supportive environment. Healthy vocal technique will help you sing without straining and reduce vocal fatigue.